Olives jacked potatoes

Try this spiced, blended green and black olive tapenade over roasted red potatoes. So tasty and delicious!.


• 1/4 oz red potato

Olive tapenade

• 4 cups green drained pitted olives

• 4 cups black drained pitted olives

• 4 limes zest

• 4 lemons zest

• 4 limes juice

• 3 tbsp fresh thyme

• 1 tsp fresh oregano

• 1 cup evoo


• Finely chopped parsley

• Fresh ground pepper

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Balsamic reduction



For the olive tapenade

Place all olives, spices and evoo in the food processor. Using the pulse function in the food processor give the olives a medium/small chop.

For the potatoes

Pre-heat oven to 450f.

Place the potato on a paper towel. Cover the potato with half of the paper towel sheet and smash lightly. Repeat for each potato.

Place red potatoes in cookie sheet and garnish each potato with a tablespoon of the olive tapenade. Place potatoes in oven and bake until edges start roasting.

Remove potatoes from oven and place each one individually in a small serving plate or all together in one large serving plate.

Garnish potatoes with fresh, balsamic reduction, parsley, olive oil, fresh ground pepper and olive tapenade. Ready to use.