Europe is a world leader in the production and exportation of table olives, which demonstrates its expertise and ongoing adaptation to the tastes and needs of consumers worldwide. Besides, Spain is the world leader in production and exports of table olives, accounting for 21% of world production and 30% of world exports. Most of the olives consumed in the U.S. (More than 83%) come from Europe.

The United States is the main destination of European olives, importing more than 155 million lbs. In fact, 95% of stuffed pimiento olives consumed by Americans come from the European country, Spain.

Spanish olives are present in more than 120 markets and the USA is the main importer of Spanish table olives. The USA imports more than 299 million lbs. of olives each year for a value of more than $400 million (85% of this worth comes from the EU and 55% from Spain). Therefore, the USA consumes about 165 million lbs. of Spanish olives each year.