Sweet pepper parcels with cod brandade and olives

Light, crispy ... And absolutely tasty! This is the focaccia with European olives. A typical recipe of the Mediterranean, with the unmistakable taste of Hojiblanca olives. You can use the variety that you like the most to give it your personal touch, they are all delicious! What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the dough!


• 6-8 tapered sweet peppers

• 16 chopped Hojiblanca black olives

• 2 medium-sized potatoes

• 1 fillet of salt cod

• 2 cloves of garlic

• Virgin olive oil

• Fried sliced potatoes

• Salt and pepper


De-salt the cod for 36 hours, changing the water 3 times.

Cut the potatoes into large chunks and boil in water with a little virgin olive oil and salt. Set aside.

Brown unpeeled garlic cloves in a frying pan in 4 tbs of oil. Gently cook the cod in the same oil, remove the garlic.

Skin and shred the salt cod. Drain the potatoes, mash with a fork and mix with the shredded salt cod and its oil. Stir vigorously and add hald the olives. Correct for salt.

Slice the peppers open lengthwise, place a little of the brandade in the centre and wrap into a parcel.

Place the fried potatoes on a plate, with the sweet pepper parcels on top. Sprinkle with the remaining chopped olives and black pepper. Garnish with fresh oregano or an alternative herb.