Queen Olive and Almond Turron


• Honey – 125 grams

• Glucose – 225 grams 

• Caster sugar – 190 grams

• Egg whites – 2 ea

• Toasted almonds – 200 grams 

• Spanish queen olives(chopped) – 100 grams

• Grated orange zest


Place 175 grams of the glucose and honey in a saucepan, stir on low heat and bring up to 130c on a thermometer 

While that’s cooks place the sugar and remaining glucose and 50mL water in another saucepan dry, stir until the sugar has dissolved and has reached a temperature of 170c

While the syrups are working beat the egg whites to a stiff peak 

When the honey and glucose mixture reaches 130c slowly pour into the egg whites beating continuously, same with the sugar syrup when it reaches 170c slowly pour into the egg mixture and continue beating until the mixture is hot but not hot enough to burn you

Lightly grease a 15x 25cm tray and line with parchment or rice paper

Stir the almond, zest, and chopped queen olives into the nougat mixture, then pour into the prepared tray 

Cover with parchment or plastic and let stand to cool 

Then cut into desired shapes 

For the Spanish queen olives

Make sure they are pitted 

Blanch them for a couple seconds just to take away some of the saltiness 

Don’t over chop the olives the less of the natural juices the better, if they seem to wet just pat them dry with paper towels