Fried olives dumpling

Traditional British cuisine is also the latest gastronomic trend ... And more with olives! Discover why with this fried Dumpling of Manzanilla olives.

Ingredients (4 units)

• Manzanilla olives

• 4 shrimps

• 4 scallops

• 4 dumpling wrappers

• Chive

• Sesame seeds

• Soy sauce

• Sesame oil

• Broth


Step 1: Make a mass of scallops, prawns and olives, seasoned with a mixture of soy, a little toasted sesame oil, black sesame and chives.

Step 2: Fill the dumpling with the mass.

Step 3: Add a little broth to a frying pan with the dumplings and leave until it evaporates. Then fry the base only for a few minutes until they brown.