Lamb with marinated Manzanilla olives


For the Lamb

• 1 large rack of lamb, cleaned of all fat and sinew

• 30 grams neutral oil

• 100 grams whole butter, chilled

• 1 small shallot

• 6 whole garlic cloves, crushed

• 15 grams kosher salt

• 25 grams smoked black pepper, toasted

• 12 grams fresh thyme

For the Olives

• 12 Manzanilla olives, cut into quarters

• 10 grams sherry vinegar

• 10 grams extra virgin olive oil

For the Artichokes

• 2 baby artichokes, cleaned to hearts, cut into quarters, and kept in acidulated water

• 30 grams sherry vinegar

• 30 grams whole butter

• 20 grams salt

• 20 grams olive oil

• 10 grams thyme

• 10 grams Lemon juice

• 10 grams black pepper, toasted


For the Lamb

Season lamb with salt making sure to evenly cover

Heat oil in a small cast iron pan on medium heat to almost smoking

Carefully add the lamb rack to the pan making sure to brown each surface evenly, using the bones to control the motions

After lamb is seared, remaining rare, remove from pan and rest on a paper towel

Add butter, thyme, garlic, shallot, and black pepper to pan and heat to approximately 56 degrees Celsius

Cook until a perfect medium rare, pull from pan and rest for at least ten minutes

Set aside 

For the Olives

In a small mixing bowl carefully mix all ingredients and set aside

For the Artichokes

Remove artichokes from water, discarding the water

Add all ingredients to a chamber vacuum bag and seal on high

Cook sous vide at 86.5 Celsius for 1.5 hours

Remove artichokes from bag and strain through bowl strainer

Rinse off all residual ingredients (pepper, thyme, etc.) and reserve the cooking liquid

Once cool enough to handle, cut all artichokes in half and reserve for serving.