Olives bombs

With mussels, with citrus, with anchovies ... We could be listing the ingredients with which to combine our Queen olives with all day but we prefer to spend it enjoying these spectacular bites full of flavor.

Ingredients 4 people (2 per person)

Difficulty: low
Prep Time: 10 minutes

• 16 Queen olives

• 4 pickled mussels

• 4 anchovies

• 1 cooked octopus arm

• 1 tangerine

• 4 basil leaves

• 2 canned smoked Piquillo pepper

• Extra virgin Olive oil

• 16 small skewer sticks


Step 1: Split the olives into halves. Cut the peppers into squares. Cut the octopus into thick slices. Peel the tangerine and separate it.

Step 2: Make the skewers, 4 units of each type, putting a slice of pepper that you will put together with a type of filling, which are:
  • Queen olive, pepper, mussel and end with olive.
  • Queen olive, pepper, octopus and end with olive.
  • Queen olive, pepper, anchovy and end with olives.
  • Queen olive, pepper, tangerine, basil and end with olive.
Step 3: Finish with a splash of extra virgin olive oil on our skewers.