Surprisingly delicious and incredibly Mediterranean. So are these 'gildas' made with Queen olives, anchovies and piparra peppers!

Ingredients 4 people (2 per person)

Difficulty: low
Prep Time: 5 minutes

• 16 Queen olives

• 8 anchovies

• 8 piparra peppers

• 2 Piquillo peppers

• Olive oil

• Toothsticks


Step 1: Split the piparra peppers in half.

Step 2: Fold the anchovies into a "roll". Cut the Piquillo in small sheets and give the same shape as the anchovies.

Step 3: Make the Gilda by putting an olive first. Then two halves of piparra peppers, the anchovy, piquillo pepper and finish with another olive.

Step 4: Put on a plate and add a little olive oil.