Sandwich roll with ham, cheese and olive pate

Give a twist to the flavor of the classic ham and cheese sandwich by smearing some olive pate. You'll be surprised how good it is!

Ingredients (4 people)

Difficulty: medium
Prep Time: 35 minutes

• 7 oz. sliced Hojiblanca olives

• 4.5 oz. cream cheese

• 4 oz. ham

• Arugula

• 1 teaspoon of mustard

• 1 tablespoon honey

• 2 oz. walnuts

• 2 slices of tramezzino bread (or any other type of white bread with no crust)

• Olive oil

• Pastry bag

• Toothpicks


Step 1: Put the sliced olives, mustard, honey and nuts in a glass. Grind. Add olive oil little by little so they can be chopped well. Set aside in pastry bag.

Step 2: Crush the bread with a rolling pin if it is very thick (cut a sheet of 9x9 inches approx.).

Step 3: On the bread, extend the olives pate. In the inferior part, put the ham in rolls, a thick string of cream cheese, some leaves of arugula, the sliced olives and close in the form of a roll.

Step 4: Finish by cutting in slices and prickling an olive with a tooth pick on top of the sandwich.