Skewers with olives

The key to a successful barbecue? Good weather, a few friends and appetizers as juicy as these skewers made with chorizo and Queen olives.

Ingredients 4 people

Difficulty: Low
Prep Time: 30 min

• 8 Queen olives

• 2 chorizos for barbecue

• ½ green bell pepper

• ½ red bell pepper

• 2 onions

• 4 long skewer sticks

• Extra Virgin olive oil


Step 1: Cut the onions and peppers into large squares. Cut the chorizos into slices 3 cm wide.

Step 2: We make our skewers alternating with chorizo, onion, pepper and olives.

Step 3: We make them in a pan or barbecue until the chorizos are golden brown.

TIP: Soak the skewer sticks in water 30 minutes before putting the ingredients on them so that they do not burn.