Superbowl hot dogs with olives, and yogurt sauce

Fast food is not known to be very healthy but when you try these delicious hot dogs with olives you will change your mind instantly.

Ingredients 4 people

Difficulty: Low
Prep Time: 20 min

• 7.5 oz. Manzanilla green olives

• 4 jumbo sausages (Frankfurt)

• 1 natural yogurt

• 1/2 lemon juice

• A few droplets of Tabasco

• 2.5 oz. fried onion

• 4 chive stems (the green part)

• 4 hot dog breads

• Olive oil


Step 1: In a bowl, mix the yogurt, the lemon juice and Tabasco. Set aside.

Step 2: Chop the chive stems into thin rings.

Step 3: Open a few hot dog breads and heat in a frying pan with a dash of olive oil.

Step 4: In the same pan-fry the sausages with a dash of olive oil.

Step 5: In each hot dog, put a sausage and add the yogurt sauce, olives, fried onion and chives.